Monday, 12 October 2015

Extension topics

Here are the revision topics for the extension test:

  • Drawing and reading from box plots
  • Understanding and describing trend
  • Index numbers
  • Population pyramids

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Using MyMaths to revise for your test after half term

There's a special section just for GCSE Statistics on MyMaths but you won't need that until you are further into the course.

login: walkdenhs
Password: product

You should be able to find help on all the topics covered so far using the 'Data' section.

Revision List for test after half term.

Your first assessment will be in class the week after half term.

It will take all lesson and there are 60 marks available. 

It doesn't count towards your actual grade but it will help your teachers decide how well you are doing so far on the course and whether or not you are currently entered at the correct tier (Higher or Foundation).

Everyone will take the same test which is based on questions asked on previous GCSE Statistics papers and the topics you have been learning about since September.

If you are not in Set 1 there will also be the opportunity to come and try the extension task after school for approximately 25 minutes..

Make sure you revise thoroughly and don't wait until the night before!

Here are the topics we have covered since September that you
need to revise:

  • Averages and Range
  • Stem & Leaf diagrams
  • Bar charts - including multiple and composite
  • Scattergraphs and Correlation
  • Basic probability
  • Probability Tree Diagrams
  • Two-way tables
  • Venn diagrams
  • Types of data
  • Census/population/sample
  • Misleading graphs